9 березня 2022 р.

QUA responds to Russian war and aggression in Ukraine

QUA responds to the Russian war and aggression in Ukraine.

QUA was founded in 2019 to support cultural exchange betwen the American and Ukranian LGBTQ communities, help Queer Ukranians settle in the US, and support the LGBTQ Ukrainian diaspora at large. After Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, our community has faced new challenges. We recognize that LGBTQ people are uniquely victimized by Russia’s war. This dark moment for Ukraine highlights the additional difficulties that sexual and gender minorities face in times of crisis.

To meet the evolving needs of our LGBTQ Ukrainian community, our team is working on a new operational strategy for QUA

Providing help for LGBTQ Ukranian refugees in the US.

QUA is adopting several programs to assist LGBTQ Ukranian refugees in the United States. Through our aid network, we are working to connect refugees in need of housing and other support to trusted community members who can give them assistance. We also aim to provide financial assistance where possible.

We are partnering with allied organizations that can provide assistance to LGBTQ Ukrainian refugees. We are also working on a web service where queer Ukrainians can quickly access information about where organizations are based and what services they offer. Our goal is to have a friendly environment where Ukrainian queer folks will not feel lost, and can have a safe place in our community.

We are heartened by the Department of Homeland Security’s designation of Ukrainians under Temporary Protected Status. However, this still leaves many Ukrainians without legal avenues towards safe haven in the United States. We will continue to advocate for a renewal of TPS for Ukrainains in America, and for more specific pathways to prioritize resettlement of LGBTQ Ukrainians.

If you or your organization would like to get involved in refugee assistance, please contact us at info@qua.community

Helping local community and organizations in Ukraine

While we are uniquely situated to help LGBTQ Ukrainians who have been able to get to the US safely, we know that most of the country’s LGBTQ community remains in Ukraine. They need help. Thanks to the support of our donors, we are working with our partners in Ukraine on the following initiatives:

Relocation: We will provide aid to LGBTQ Ukrainains to relocate to safer places within the country

LGBTQ shelter: We are working to secure funding to open an LGBTQ-affirming shelter on the west of Ukraine.

In-kind donations: We will set up a donation checkpoint where New Yorkers can donate goods for the LGBTQ community in Ukraine, and will send it to Ukrainian LGBTQ organizations and community centers.

Medical: We are also working on coverage of medical help for the community in Ukraine, especially for the unique needs of trans and HIV-positive Ukrainians.

If you are seeking to help our emergency relief efforts or need assistance, please contact us at sos@qua.community

Continued public advocacy

While the news cycle may move on from Putin’s war in Ukraine, the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict will only continue to grow, and our LGBTQ community will continue to suffer. We will continue to push for more American media coverage about the challenges LGBTQ people face in Ukraine..

We are also planning to organize protests in New York and Washington DC, highlighting that our community is under attack and in need of support..

Support LGBTQ military community

Along with their fellow Ukrainians, many LGBTQ people are joining the army to protect their country, community, and democratic values. Our team are exploring ways to support openly queer military and show them our respect. We will open a special line for donations to buy them medical equipment, safety gear, and uniforms to assist their crucial work.

As the situation changes, we will adjust our operational plan depending on the needs of the Ukrainian LGBTQ community.

Slava Ukraini | Glory to Ukraine

We seek to assist Ukrainian LGBTQ + individuals living in the US and Canada to integrate, adapt, and productively contribute to American society.