1 березня 2022 р.

QUA has received many donations over the past few days. We are in touch with some of our LGBTQ+ friends and allies at Fulcrum (an LGBTQ organization in Lviv), and are able to send funds directly to them to support their evacuation and immediate safety needs.

On our donation page, you now have three options:

  1. Help Ukrainian Refugees in the US: we will use these funds to assist refugees as we receive requests for aid

  2. Direct aid to LGBTQ Ukrainians: we will send these funds to Fulcrum to help support aid and evacuation for LGBTQ people in Ukraine

  3. Advocacy and support: we will use these funds to support our advocacy work in the United States and internationally

We also have registered with Amazon Smile. If you want to donate a portion of all your Amazon purchases to QUA, simply shop with Amazon Smile and input our EIN: 84-4080062

Every donation can help us protect our community. We thank you for your continued support.

We seek to assist Ukrainian LGBTQ + individuals living in the US and Canada to integrate, adapt, and productively contribute to American society.